Stress, aka: Can Solar Eclipse Increase Stress?

Doors opening & closing just seem to get louder and louder. To do lists keep expanding and additional deadlines to be met. STRESS; my head is pounding and the calm Sunday mood is gone.

Life is not always the way it is depicted on social media; with clean homes, smiling teenagers, and a well dressed calm entrepreneur with endless energy. Nope, we just see glimpses of life on social media.

My senses are completely overloaded but the deadlines are not going away and the stress is about to kill my rationality.

Time for action

I put my headset on and log into my MusiCure account. The evidence based research has shown MusiCure significantly reduces cortisol levels in test patients and increases the ability to concentrate. An International study between scientific researchers in Finland, Denmark and Italy suggest we process visual emotions differently based on the sound in the room. Noise induced rooms with test patients were very fast to pick an angry face to depict their emotions while MusiCure playing rooms had the opposite effect.

MusiCure – music as medicine sets a calming tone

My family knows to leave me alone if I have my headset on when on the computer. Yesterday was no different; although I did get a couple of nice hugs when they passed by me. I assume I give off a stressful vibe so they keep their distance. The problem with stress is, even though you know you should relax, breath, and stop – you keep going. All rationality leaves you.

The neutral tones of MusiCure are carefully designed and composed to run at 60-80 beats per minute to mimic a calm heart beat, guiding your breathing and mindset into a calm place.

MusiCure is not the holy grail but it has saved me before and it did again yesterday. 

My Sunday ended with a relaxing Yoga class with my girls and a wonderful meal cooked by my husband. Today, I wonder what caused my stress to elevate so much.

I get headaches before a thunderstorm, but can solar eclipses elevate stress ? Who knows? Nature is beautiful, strong, and works in mysterious ways sometimes. Stress does not always accompany itself with a reason or specific event. But I keep my headset and MusiCure close by at all times.

stress word cloud