Scandic Health provides a low cost solution to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing overall patient satisfaction.

A child laying on a bed

Patient Benefits

Scandic Health is able to deliver a cost effective anxiety treatment solution that reduces stress in patients and increases overall patient satisfaction within healthcare.

  • Significantly reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and pain
  • Decreases the use of pain medication.
  • Lowering of the body’s production of hormone cortisol
  • Increase in production of hormone oxytocin
  • Reduction in Noise
  • Generally – an increased sense of calmness, well-being, motivation, and inspiration
  • Empowerment of the patient to choose a form of relaxation despite their current situation

“Using MusiCure in the hospital helped me sleep better and helped in my recovery. Months after surgery, I still use MusiCure to relieve anxiety and promote calmness in my home.”

Rebecca Shapiro, Washington DC

Doctors walking in a hospital corridor

Healthcare Provider Benefits

Scandic Health offers healthcare providers a low cost therapeutic service, which improves the environment for patients and staff and in turn helps the facility’s bottom line.

  • Elevate the patient experience
  • Create a healing sound environment
  • A fraction of the cost per patient compared to music therapists and other services
  • Patient satisfaction can increase bottom line results