Sleep, aka: How Did You Sleep Last Night ?

A common question. And, sadly, the answer is often not enough or not well! I can easily get caught up in my book at night. I love reading and sleep has to pay the price. The next day, I also pay the price with a constant feeling of not having enough sleep, dragging my feet, not getting work done, no energy, and a nap does not even help. Sleep can’t be caught up. Sleep is crucial for our survival. It’s basically the “car wash gold level service” for our whole body; a time to cleanse, detox, and restore our well being.

Sleep is the Power Cord to the Outlet

Are you getting good restorative sleep? Its a common misconception that “ I can always sleep when I get older .

Our body actually kicks up the cortisol levels, our stress hormone, when we are not getting good restorative sleep. This is a survival mechanism when we as humans had to run away from danger and needed instant stress energy to survive.

Stress kills and bad sleep only elevates anxiety, mood swings, weight gain and declines our well being.

music notes interacting with the brain

MusiCure Sleep

Scientific research has shown MusiCure, music as medicine, can reduce the cortisol levels in test patients, reduce anxiety levels, and increase levels of well being. MusiCure Sleep is uniquely designed by Danish composer Niels Eje to bring evidence based zzzzzzzz’s to you.

MusiCure Sleep brings science to your brain while you are sleeping. Beginning with a 15 minute Sunset of MusiCure music with a constant calm rhythm of 60-80 beats per minute. Followed by 7 1/2 hours of synchronized waves at 50 beats per minute to mimic a relaxed sleeping heart rate. Finally ending with a MusiCure music Sunrise which slowly takes you from 50 to 80 beats per minute.