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MusiCure – music as medicine NEWS

We proudly present 3 new visual programs added to the video line up.

Swans making a heart

sun breaking through forest canopybehind wild cattails at the beach

Enjoy the very special and romantic Swan Heart dance on a spring morning. Notice the sun light and invite the light into your life to promote calmness.

The second addition takes you out to the west coast of Denmark by the north sea, the rolling dunes, and the soothing ocean provides you with harmony and soothing calmness.

The third visual is in the lush woods in a horse drawn carriage. On your trip, you will visit with the animals of the woods and simply submerge your self in the calming nature.

Calm the Mind with MusiCure

What is the evidence and science with MusiCure ?

  • 87% rated less anxiety after using MusiCure
  • 22% reduction of the stress hormone cortisol
  • 51% increase of the “feel good” hormone Oxytocin

Our 8 hour MusiCure sleep program is currently on all the Princess Cruise line ships. Have you tried it yet ? The holidays are coming up soon! A subscription of a calmer mind and restorative sleep is just what the doctor ordered.

Tell as how you use MusiCure in your life!

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