Common applications in Hospitals

hospital overview schematic

General Instructions

Depending on your facilities media capabilities we are able to deliver MP4 format files for download to mainframe servers. Content can be assigned to channels for continuous viewing or listning. Special programs such as procedure and sleep may be accessed on demand to the patients bedside.

The sound- environment in the hospital setting is a determining  factor for the well- being of the patient. Turn on the hospital music audio when setting up a room for an admission; this will set a tone of healing and relaxation. Utilize MusiCure – Music As Medicine® together with medication to reduce pain, anxiety and increase general well being. Use MusiCure in waiting rooms, infusion rooms, staff lounges etc. (Use your professional judgment as to when to use the different MusiCure channels.)

Audio Icon

MusiCure Audio

When preparing a patient for resting or sleep dim the lights and turn to the audio channel.

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MusiCure Video

For general relaxation while the patient is awake, turn on the video channel.