MusiCure is a unique soothing and life-affirming music program, composed and produced by Danish composer and musician Niels Eje. The program is created specifically as music to be used in healthcare for supplementary treatment.

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(3 minute run time)

In close collaboration with the composer, Scandic Health is now able to offer a special long-term MusiCure program developed especially for a wide range of  hospitals, clinics and private treatment centers. The music is created on the basis of more than 18 years of clinical studies and controlled trials, including many different patient groups who received supplementary treatment with this music. The composer has on this basis created a large selection of ‘soundscapes’ with focus on the specific musical elements that showed the best results among the patients.

MusiCure consists of many different moods and atmospheres, which brings peace, relaxation and positive mental images for the listener, and the entire program fulfills this fundamental purpose of the music:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Positive mental inspiration
  • Optimistic motivation for healing
  • Evocative mental journeys into picturesque nature sceneries from around the world

The MusiCure program alternates between hour-long evidence-based music sections and specially composed interludes (produced exclusively for Scandic Health) as the primary content.