How MusiCure Changed Our Lives

I asked my daughter if I could share our story and she said, “If it can help other people heal, then please share”.

In February 2010, my family was emotionally distraught when my sweet 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. She was so gravely ill that she needed hospitalization to save her life. It was the most fragile time in my life.

The pain of seeing our child suffer and feeling utterly helpless at the same time was unbearable. As a result, I resigned from my job as an RN to care for my family.

We received excellent therapy from medical professionals and support from family and friends, but the real change came from my homeland of Denmark when my mother brought us our first MusiCure- music as medicine CD. She purchased the CD from the pharmacy in Denmark, much like any medicine you would purchase over the counter. We have updated the delivery method of MusiCure to a streaming service and as On Demand content in hospital facilities.

We played MusiCure several times a day as an anxiety treatment and to calm her restlessness. We immediately saw the calming effects of MusiCure on her mood and her ability to relax. We still utilize MusiCure daily.

Recovery has many layers, and as the days turned into months, I went back to work as a nurse while my family was slowly making it back to our new normal.

My outlook on the patient experience was forever changed, and I started to share MusiCure with my patients – some patients even referred to me as “The Danish nurse and her music”. Many patients asked for the music repeatedly.

I knew what I saw with my patients was the same calm healing that took place with my own family. We are extremely blessed to call Musicure composers Niels and Inge Eje our friends, and they have ventured with us to bring that very same healing directly to the bedsides of patients all over the world.

I am very fortunate that my husband, Clarence Taylor, has been a huge support for me and has brought his business and finance background to Scandic Health. Clarence is co-founder and COO of Scandic Health, which has become our family business and our way of sharing our journey.