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MusiCure – music as medicine NEWS

We proudly present 3 new visual programs added to the video line up. Enjoy the very special and romantic Swan Heart dance on a spring morning. Notice the sun light and invite the light into your life to promote calmness. The second addition takes you out to the west coast of Denmark by the north […]

Stress, aka: Can Solar Eclipse Increase Stress?

Doors opening & closing just seem to get louder and louder. To do lists keep expanding and additional deadlines to be met. STRESS; my head is pounding and the calm Sunday mood is gone. Life is not always the way it is depicted on social media; with clean homes, smiling teenagers, and a well dressed […]

Sleep, aka: How Did You Sleep Last Night ?

A common question. And, sadly, the answer is often not enough or not well! I can easily get caught up in my book at night. I love reading and sleep has to pay the price. The next day, I also pay the price with a constant feeling of not having enough sleep, dragging my feet, […]

Calm the Mind with MusiCure

NAMI Convention 2017 in Washington DC It was our first time showing our healing modality at a conference. We specifically picked NAMI since its because of mental illness we got introduced to MusiCure- music as medicine. The storytelling would take no end. It was such an honor to listen and share in the pain, battle, […]