The MusiCure videos are filmed and edited especially for  the  Musicure Program and produced by Inge Mulvad Eje. These videos reveal scenes and landscapes that impart a total audio-visual experience which is both relaxing and engaging for the viewer.

Video Sample

(3 minute run time)

During the last 5 years the MusiCure video programs have been tested on hospitalized patients, psychiatric wards, children, and elderly dementia patients in Europe with overwhelming positive results.  These universal positive results indicate that these videos are suitable for all patients regardless of age and gender. Our studies show that within all types of treatment and care these videos ultimately  create positive distractions for the viewer/ patient.

MusiCure music embedded in the videos contain footage from locations all over the world, including Scandinavia, southern Europe, USA, and the Far East. The nature sceneries in the videos are created to convey optimal relaxation and tranquility for the patients and through Scandic Healths capabilities, where they now have a unique opportunity to go on a virtual voyage into life-affirming nature escapes.